Eve Hyrkäs


Doctoral student
History of Sciences and Ideas


Eve Hyrkäs is a doctoral student in the History of Sciences and Ideas unit at the University of Oulu. In her doctoral dissertation, Hyrkäs examines the development of Finnish psychosomatics and the mind-body problem in medicine from the Second World War to the millennium (c. 1945-2000). Her recent publications address the discussions on maternal employment and thyroid diagnostics and surgery. Hyrkäs is a member of PROFI3 Fibrosis Diseasome -project, where the relations between health, social change and medical understanding of health problems are analyzed from the historical and sociocultural perspective.


  • History of medical knowledge
  • History of psychosomatic medicine

Valikoidut julkaisut

  • Myllykangas, Mikko; Hyrkäs, Eve-Riina (2020) Adaptation to the New Normal—Maternal Employment in the Framework of Psychosomatic and Stress Discourse in Finland from the 1950s to the Early 1970s. - Social history of medicine [Epub ahead of print 02 Aug 2020], hkaa051 . [Original]
  • Hyrkäs, Eve-Riina (2021) 'A Transverse Scar on the Neck' - Psychosomatic Approach in the Differential Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Hyperthyroidism in Post-War Finland. - Medical history 65 (2), 140-156 . [Original]
  • Hyrkäs, Eve-Riina (2021) Sitkeiden koronaoireiden selityksiä voi ymmärtää psykosomatiikan historian kautta. - Tieteessä tapahtuu 39 (2), 46-52 . [Original] [Self-archived]