OASIS - Organ-on-chip platform for in situ detection of osteoarthritis biomarkers


OASIS was funded by The Finnish Research Impact Foundation (Vaikuttavuussaatio). The main goal is to develop an in vitro model for Osteoarthritis disease coupled to an electrochemical biosensing platform based on carbon nanotubes. The work will be carried out in collaboration between the University of Oulu and the company Finnadvance.

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The Finnish Research Impact Foundation

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213 958 EUR

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Oulun yliopisto



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OASIS aims to develop a biomimetic in vitro model of osteoarthritis (OA) building-on the preexisting and well-demonstrated bone marrow in vitro model from Finnadvance. These microfluidic models, appropriately termed as organ-on-chip (OoC), will allow for highly parallelized and replicable OA pathology simulation on standardized chip platform. Our approach also solves the second initiative of pre-emptive sensing by employing an integrated modular biochemical sensing platform based on carbon nanotube sensing elements coupled to electrochemical detection. This project advances preemptive predictive care and sensing methodologies, over the current postdiagnosis cures. Early detection is key for reduced burden from OA and OA-related health and economic losses globally.