ITEE at a glance

*numbers represent ITEE's annual outputs


The mission of the ITEE faculty is:

  • to advance internationally top-level research on information technology and education based on it
  • to generate new knowledge of information technology and apply it to the needs of the society, people and industries
  • to educate information technology experts

Our strengths and success factors are

  • high-quality teaching and research
  • multi- and interdisciplinary collaboration enabled by the multidisciplinary university
  • strong external funding
  • close collaboration with industry and other research organisations


ITEE Video Clips

Watch the short videos telling stories about our students, teachers and researchers.


Energy Catcher

The new energy harvesting material developed at the Microelectronics Research Unit  could replace small power sources like batteries.


Wake Up

FabLab Oulu is a place where anyone can explore digitalisation and its possibilities. This group of high-school students built an alarm clock robot.



The holographic microscope developed at the University of Oulu is a completely unique tool. Research scientist Ville Kaikkonen shares the story behind this innovation.


Big Fish

The first 5G test network in Finland is cast up north in Oulu. This research, led at the University of Oulu by Academy professor Matti Latva-aho, is about to revolutionize the field of wireless communications.


Lead the way

IndoorAtlas is a pioneer of indoor positioning systems. Like many start-ups, IndoorAtlas has its roots at the university of Oulu. CEO Janne Haverinen takes us back to how it all got started.


1000 hours

What drives a student to build robot suits? Jani Lehtovirta talks about his passion.


First Steps

What’s the first day of university like for new students of computer science and engineering?



What’s the distance between two twins? University teachers Jan and Ilkka Nissinen give their short biographies.



What is it like to be a university researcher? Computer vision researcher Daniel Herrera gives his account.


See the Future

A visionary video produced in Hilla programme (