General Linguistics

General Linguistics programme at the University of Oulu offers students 60 ECTS credits of instruction (Basic Studies 25 ECTS credits and Intermediate Studies 35 ECTS credits).

General Linguistics cannot, however, be studied as a major subject in the University. Studies in the programme aim to familiarize the students with the general principles of the scientific study of natural language. General Linguistics uses concrete language materials from different languages as data and utilizes various theoretical and methodological approaches.

General Linguistics is a particularly suitable subsidiary (minor) subject for students of the Finnish Language, Saami or other foreign languages or students in the Logopedics programme. For native speakers, General Linguistics provides a novel perspective on Finnish, Swedish and Saami in connection to other languages of the world.

Students of foreign languages, too, can benefit from studies in General Linguistics, as the programme provides the skills to analyse the structure of the languages they are studying.

Subsidiary studies in General Linguistics helps prepare the students for various careers. General Linguistics is a useful subsidiary subject not only for researchers but also for students planning to become teachers as it provides a wide perspective on the nature of language and grammar.

Study guidance is provided by Lecturer Santeri Palviainen, tel +358 29 448 3482, santeri.palviainen(at)

Last updated: 2.10.2019