Academic North-project in Tromsø 29.1.2020: Knowledge based Growth in the Arctic

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Academic North project organises an side event "Knowledge based Growth in the Arctic" in Arctic Frontiers conference. Please notice that registration for the Arctic Frontiers conference is required for participating this side-event.

Venue: Clarion Hotel the Edge

Time: Wednesday 29 January 2020, from 13.00 to 14.30

The Academic North-project promotes academic cross-border work-related mobility in socially sustainable and knowledge-based way in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. The aim of the project is to further the employment of university graduates for the Nordic labor market and to support the remigration of academically educated people to the region. The removal of the highly skilled workforce from the northern area weakens future prospects for development and wellbeing in Arctic North.

The project staff presents findings of what are the benefits and advantages in cross-border mobility and the potential gendered features in them. In addition, the question of what makes people move and come back for Northern areas is crucial. Therefore, our panel discussion will be about attracting people to move to North. This side event aims to further the interaction and networking between the academic workforce, university graduates as well as the area labor markets and companies.


Helena Louhela, UOulu, Coordinator in Academic North-project

Academic North-project staff: Helena Louhela, UOulu and PhD Saila Piippola, LTU

13:35 ATTRACTING PEOPLE TO NORTH - Panel Discussion
Academic North-project staff as chair: PhD Saila Piippola, LTU and Professor Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen, UiT

Vilde Bunkholt, Advisor, Arctic Frontiers. Master’s student, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
Kat Hodgson, PhD Candidate & TODOS Chair of Academic Affairs, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
Young-Sook Lee, Professor in Tourism Management, School of Business & Economics, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
Kanako Uzawa, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Planning. Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and Education, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.

Professor Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen, UiT, Academic North-project

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