16 -year follow-up study

The study is part of a co-operative project launched by four EU member states to identify the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and titled "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources; Biological, Clinical and Genetic Markers of Future Risk of Cardiovascular Disease".

The specific aim of the project is to explore cardiovascular morbidity and mortaility and the development of risk factors from infancy to old age by identifying high-risk groups and biological factors modifiable by prophylaxis or early intervention.

The project will anticipated to shed light on the interrelations between hereditary, biological and environmental factors predisposing to low birth weight and cardiovascular diseases. The results will thus increase our knowledge of the etiology of chronic diseases and open up possibilities to develop new methods of treatment and prevention based on such factors as the detection of genetic errors.

Finland's contribution to the project consisted of data about the health, living conditions and lifestyles of the adolescents in the Northern Finland birth cohort of 1986.

Target population: N = 9 340 (100%)
Cases with known address: N = 9 215 (97.2%)

Questionnaire data was received from 7 182 (77.9%) adolescents.
Clinical data was received from 6 795 (73.7%) adolescents.

Questionnaire data was received from 6 866 (74.5%) parents.

Data collection
Addresses of the adolescents and data of mortality were obtained from the National Population Centre of Finland and Central Statistical Office of Finland by sending identity numbers of adolescents to these authorities. The questionnaire were mailed also to the cohort members living outside Finland, provided their addresses were available in the census register. The addresses of those resident in Sweden were inquired from the Finnish Embassy in Sweden and the Swedish tax officials.

The questionnaire study for adolescents and their parents was conducted between April 2001 and February 2002.

Adolescents' questionnaire included questions on their family, friends, school, mental and physical health, exercise, behaviour, nutrition, living habits and hobbies. In clinical examination adolescents filled in the additional questionnaire concerning questions on eating habits, stress, sexual behaviour, substance use and mental well-being.

The parents' questionnaire included questions on adolescent's health, development and behaviour. Furthermore, they responded questions on their marital (family structure) and social status, education, work, health and living habits.

The clinical examination for adolescents was conducted between August 2001 and June 2002 in all municipalities of Northern Finland and in the major cities elsewhere in Finland

Clinical examinations included weight, height, waist-hip measurements, sitting height, spirometry, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood samples, physical activity, prick tests and questions about puberty, nutrition, smoking and use of alcohol.

Adolescents' postal questionnaire form in finnish and in english
Adolescents' research results form in finnish and in english
Adolescents' supplementary questions in finnish and in english

Parents' postal questionnaire form in finnish and in english

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