Steering Committee


  • Includes a maximum of 10 members, who represent the scientific, financial, societal and administrative expertise.
  • The members may include:
    Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (University of Oulu),
    Director of Strategic Research Services, (University of Oulu),
    Representative of Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District,
    Directors of Medical Research Center Oulu, Biocenter Oulu, Centre for Health and Technology and Biobank Borealis, and other relevant members such as research institutes.

     NFBC representatives present in the meetings (non-members): Research and Scientific Directors of NFBC.

Appointment and term

  • Members are nominated by the Research rector of University of Oulu for a four  year term.

Chairing and record keeping

  • Research Rector of University of Oulu is the chair of the committee.
  • NFBC Research Director will record the minutes or the meeting.

Frequency of meetings
Meets at least once a year.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Follows and guides NFBC activities according to the strategy of the University of Oulu.
  • Supports the Research and Scientific Directors in managing the NFBC project.
  • Follows the impact of the cohort studies on different sectors in society
  • Makes proposals for the development of NFBC activities

Last updated: 19.1.2017