46-year follow-up study

In the year 2012 when the cohort's members were 45-46 years old, the comprehensive health research was carried out.

First, all cohort's members received the postal questionnaires which they filled in either by internet or in the paper.  After this the invitations to the clinical examination were sent to all cohort members.

In the clinical examination we want to find out e.g. condition of lungs and heart, skin, allergic diseases and eye diseases, oneiric problems and dental diseases.

The first pilot study was 20.-24.2.2012 and the second 12.-16.3.2012. The questionnaire study was started in the beginning of the year 2012 and the health examnation on 10th of April, 2012.
The study consists of the Background information, lifestyle and health-, Economy, work and mental resources- and Additional questionnaires, Dental health additional questionnaire and Opinions and experiences questionnaires and the health examination.

Target population (alive and address known in Finland) : N = 10 321 (100%)
Clinical examination data received: N = 5 861 (56.7%)
Dental health
Target population: N = 3 150 (100%)
Clinical examination data received: N = 1 964 (62.3%)

Data collection
Addresses of the cohort members and data of mortality were obtained from  the National Population Centre of Finland by sending identity numbers of the members to this authority.

All questionnaires are in finnish. You can ask for english forms from the project center NFBCprojectcenter@oulu.fi.

Background information, lifestyle and health questionnaire: N = 6 868 (66.5%), partly N = 26 (0.3%)

Economy, work and mental resources questionnaire: N = 6 774 (65.6%), partly N = 216 (2.1%)

Additional questionnaire

Dental health additional questionnaire

Opinions and experiences questionnaires (password required)

Dermatology questionnaire

Musculoskeletal symptoms, MRI questionnaire

This research is funded by EU (European Regional Development Fund), Oulu University Hospital and University of Oulu.

Last updated: 10.7.2020