Material request

How to apply NFBC data?

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General instructions

I Permission to analyse the data

  1. Fill in the material data request in the Material request portal (Greip). (See Instructions)
  2. Attach a research plan (max 2 pages). Describe clearly the aims of the research and the relevant exposure, outcome and confounders variables to be used.
  3. Attach a list of variables. Variable catalogue is available from the NFBC1966 and NFBC1986 www-pages.  Use the left panel -/+ to select the cohort (1966 or 1986), time point, and variables of interest. Mark the selected ones with 'x' in column named Choice. Save the file and use as an attachment in Greip application process. Do not modify, copy-paste or do other modifications such as filtering. 
  4. Submit the request (or Save to be submitted later).
  5. Once the final decision regarding the material request has been made, contact persons indicated in the form will be notified of the decision by email.
  6. For granted request the researcher will receive notification when the data has been compiled.
  7. It the request is granted conditionally, plese inform NFBCprojectcenter (at) once the conditions have been met.
  8. To access the data via NFBC portal, a Univ-account of University of Oulu is needed (see instructions How to access the project folder at NFBC portal)
  9. Data transfer agreement (DTA) will be asked when the material request is granted if the data will be analysed outside University of Oulu.

II Permission to publish the data

  1. Before submitting you work to be published send your manuscript for review.
  2. Fill in the material request in the Material request portal (Greip) (see instructions) and choose Publication.
  3. Indicate in the form the number of your original material request.
  4. Attach the manuscript.

New researches joining your ongoing project

If you want to add new researchers to an already approved project, please send an email to the address NFBCprojectcenter (at) The principal investigator approval for the action must be documented. Researcher information needed: the Greip materia request number of the project the researcher will be joined, the researcher's name, institute, e-mail address. In addition, a signed NFBC User policies document is needed.  The researcher must have an University of Oulu account (Univ) to be able to access the project folder at NFBC portal. 

Data transfer (modified variables) between ongoing projects or transfer of new (modified) variables to cohort center

If data transfer between projects is needed, check the need for Greip application by sending a request to NFBCprojectcenter (at) Use the following service (link opens to a new window) to apply for the data transfer. The description document to be attached is here. The same service is used for returning new variables to cohort center.

Data delivery timetable
Situation 3.6.2021: Data delivery for projects with decision date around week 18.
Additional information and documentation

Service Prices

User policies

Contact persons for the NFBC1966 data collection regarding specific research themes

Scientific Committee

Access to the Material request Portal

Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) (12/2020)

  • Data Transfer Agreement with Data Processing Agreement (In Finnish) is available from the project center
  • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is under update process and new agreements are delayd until the process is ready.

Instructions for evaluators


Last updated: 7.6.2021