Data collection and measures

Data collection started in August 2014 and ended in December 2014 following the timetable of call-up sessions in study area. In Finland, when a man is turning 18 years he is obliged to attend a military call-up session and approximately a year after that recruit to obligatory military service lasting from six months to one year. During the call-up session fitness for service is checked in terms of health and coping, and a man is either assigned to enter military service the following year (class A fit for service; class B wait for one to three years; class E needs time to improve health or physical fitness before service; class C not suitable for service at all).

The data were collected through questionnaire at the call-up session and completed later with the information received from the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). The questionnaire included, in addition to the questions on socio-demographic information, questions on family of origin, social, academic, and occupational issues, health, learning and communication deficits, and the need and use for social and health services. Furthermore, the Beck Depression Inventory, RBDI (Raitasalo 2007), Sense of Coherence, SOC (Antonovsky 1993), Life Satisfaction (Allardt 1973), Life Orientation Test-revised, LOT-R (Scheier et al. 1994), Brief Resilient Coping Scale (Sinclair 2004), Perceived Stress Scale (Cohen 1983), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, GAD-7 (Spitzer 2006), and Autism Quotient-10, AQ-10 (Allison et al. 2012) were completed.

Last updated: 30.1.2019