Pregnancy and antenatal data

Data of the pregnancy and delivery collected from the antenatal clinics.

Target population: all the births in the area in 1966: N = 12 527 (100%)
Data collected: N = 12 231 (96.3%)

Data collection
Information on the mothers was collected by the local midvives in the antenatal clinics using questionnaire. The questionnaire was filled in from the 24th to 28th gestational week, but if this was not possible the questionnaire was completed later during the pregnancy or after the delivery (10.1% of mothers).

Information on the child's date of birth, birth weight, death, illness, etc., was forwarded by maternity homes to the antenatal clinics which entered it on their files.

Questionnaire forms in finnish, in english
The variable list

New classification of hypertension during pregnancy

Coding instructions
Codes of missing and not concerning the case -values

Main articles
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