Spherical equivalent refraction data

Spherical equivalent values calculated from the ophthalmological data 1986.

Target population: cases belonging to the ophthalmological data 1986, N = 506 (100%).

Number of cases with valid calculated spherical equivalent values, N = 502 (99.2%).

Data collection
See ophthalmological data 1986. 

The variables list

Main article
Krause U., Rantakallio P., Koiranen M., Möttönen J.: The development of myopia up to the age of twenty and a comparison of refraction in parents and children. Arctic Medical Research 1993, 52:161-165.

Möttönen J., Oja H., Krause U., Rantakallio P.: Application of random coefficient regression model to myopiadata: A case study. Biometrical Journal 1995,37/6:657-672.

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