Moving with PhEmaterialist and Creative Methodologies for Research, Activism and Change

Keskiviikko, kesäkuu 5, 2019 - Maanantai, kesäkuu 10, 2019

Moving with PhEmaterialist and Creative Methodologies for Research, Activism and Change

  • Date and time: Wednesday 5 June – Monday 10 June 2019
  • Location: University of Oulu, Faculty of Education
  • Organisers: Adj. prof. Tuija Huuki,; Dr. Suvi Pihkala,
    Academy of Finland funded project Gender-based violence in pre-teen relationship cultures: How history, place, affect and arts interventions matter and University of Oulu, Faculty of Education / Gender studies
  • Guest contributors: Professor Emma Renold and doctoral researcher Victoria Edwards, Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences, UK

Course description

Inspired by PhEmaterialism (Ringrose, Renold, Osgood & Hickey-Moody 2015 – an idea of seeking generative ways of working with new materialist and posthuman theories with the aim of exploring and addressing current issues of power, violence and inequalities (Ringrose et al. 2018; Renold 2018; Osgood et al. 2019; Renold & Ringrose 2019; Huuki in progress a & b; Pihkala & Huuki in progress a & b) – this course considers the affordances of feminist new materialist, posthuman, creative and arts-based methodologies in educational sciences. Questions addressed during the course are:

  • How do feminist new materialist and posthuman ways of doing research differ from that of traditional qualitative research?
  • What might a research process look like when engaging and moving with feminist new materialist theories? 
  • What kind of possibilities do creative and arts-based methods offer for exploring sensitive issues in education?
  • How are ethics, politics and power relations re-mattered in feminist new materialist research practices?
  • How might arts-based phEmaterialist processes in-form what counts as data and what more can data do?
  • How can we become more crafty in making the micro-politics of research matter in the world?
  • What does creative activism look and feel like within and beyond the academy?

Drawing from current research projects, the open-to-public lectures by Professor Emma Renold and doctoral researcher Victoria Edwards (Cardiff University), and course lectures by adjunct professor Tuija Huuki and doctor Suvi Pihkala (University of Oulu) will offer experiences on how to experiment with participatory, creative and arts-based approaches through engagement with empirical examples.

Call for participation

We invite abstracts for this intensive methodological course (5 ECTS) intended for postgraduate students. The maximum number of participants will be 12.  To complete the course, participants are expected to engage with the lectures and workshop-sessions. Each participant also has the opportunity for their research-creations to be shared, discussed and commented upon in an intra-active workshop with the keynote lecturers and fellow participants. The language of instruction is English/Finnish. Participation is free of charge, yet participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs as well as their meals.

The deadline for abstracts of papers (max. 250 words) is April 15th, 2019. The papers can be position-papers related to one’s PhD research, for example, on a current problematic which can be theoretical, methodological or substantive in nature, raising questions that all participants can intra-act with. The papers can also be current manuscripts in-process. The accepted participants are expected to submit a work-in-progress paper of up to 2000 words by May 12, 2019. Papers will be circulated among the participants, and all participants are expected to read both the work-in-progress -papers as well as the literature assigned by the keynotes. Please submit your abstract, including name, affiliation and contact information to:

See full CfP and details in attachement below.

Key dates

  • April 15 2019 – submit abstract
  • April 19 2019 – confirmation of participation
  • May 12 2019 – submit work-in-progress paper
  • June 5-10 2019 – course days in Oulu


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