CreativeAfternoon (CA)

The very first CreativeAfternoon is here!


As a part of the collaborative problem-solving case in the LET studies, CreativeAfternoon 1 (CA) was organized. CA changes the way how scientific, educational and creative world connects with one another, by bringing together people who are driven by passion and purpose. Our guest speakers were Martta Tervonen and Tony Manninen, and the key concept was emotions. The room was filled with LET students and doctoral students from ICT domain. The afternoon ended into insightful manifestos created by the participants.

What we thought together inspired by our speakers? Emotions can be superpower and even pain is important. Show your passion, and, you need to know yourself.


The second CreativeAfternoon will be held 2nd of December, and the key concept is mystery.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 5.11.2019