Biologian torstaiseminaari / Thursday Seminar in Biology

Torstai, tammikuu 17, 2019


Spring 2018: January


Thu 17.1.2018, 12.15-13.00 AT115A

Dr. Jaakko Pohjoismäki (University of Eastern Finland)

”Sleeping with the enemy: ecological interactions and adaptive hybridization between brown hare

(Lepus europaeus) and mountain hare (L. timidus)”

Host Jouni Aspi


Thu 24.1.2018, 12.15-13.00 AT115A

Dr. Erin Welsh (University of Oulu)

"Abiotic and Biotic Determinants of Tick-Borne Disease Risk in Central Panama"

Host Eva Kallio


Thu 31.1.2018, 12.15-13.00 AT115A

Dr. Henry Pihlström (University of Helsinki)

“On the track of extinct tigers: identification of unprovenanced tiger specimens in the collections of the

Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki”

Host Jouni Aspi

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