Yang Bai

Let us build a world where we can generate electricity whenever and wherever needed.

Dr. Yang Bai

Yang Bai


Postdoctoral Researcher
Energy Harvesting, Functional Materials

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Dr. Yang Bai is a Committee Member of the IOP (Institute of Physics) Energy Group, UK. He currently works as a Researcher in University of Oulu, Finland. In 2016, he was granted a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. His research interests include piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, photo-ferroelectric materials and their applications in energy harvesting.


  • Energy Harvesting
  • Multi-functional Materials
  • Photo-ferroelectrics
  • Piezoelectric Materials and Devices
  • Ferroelectricity

Yhteiskunnalliset ja professionaaliset toimet

  • Committee Member of IOP Energy Group
  • Member of IOP Finland Chapter

Valikoidut julkaisut

  • Bai, Yang; Tofel, Pavel; Palosaari, Jaakko; Jantunen, Heli; Juuti, Jari (2017) A game changer : A multifunctional perovskite exhibiting giant ferroelectricity and narrow bandgap with potential application in a truly monolithic multienergy harvester or sensor. - Advanced materials 29 (29), 1-7, 1700767 . http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/adma.201700767. [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Bai, Yang; Siponkoski, Tuomo; Peräntie, Jani; Jantunen, Heli; Juuti, Jari (2017) Ferroelectric, pyroelectric, and piezoelectric properties of a photovoltaic perovskite oxide. - Applied physics letters 110 (6), 1-5, 063903 . [Original] [Self-archived]


Next Generation Power Sources for Self-sustainable Devices – Integrated Multi-source Energy Harvesters

In recent years, various energy harvesting techniques have been realised to overcome shortcoming of batteries in terms of lifespan, overall cost-ef