University of Oulu, 2016

Master's Degree Option

Admission requirements:

1. A Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent higher education (at least three years of full-time studies; 180 ECTS credits)

2. Basic studies or equivalent studies in major subject of the Master's degree

Please note that Finnish is the main language of instruction for all degree programmes at the Faculty of Humanities, excluding English Philology, German Philology, Nordic Philology (Swedish) and Saami Language. Other languages of instruction depend on the minor subjects a student includes in his or her degree. Finnish language proficiency is always tested with all applicants.

The applicant must be proficient in a language that is the main teaching language of the degree programme when seeking admission to the Faculty of Humanities.

The University does not arrange preparation courses or a preparatory year prior to the beginning of actual degree studies.


Major subjects to apply for:


How to apply:

The master’s programmes are applied for through

Application round is open in spring 2019.

Last updated: 2.1.2019