University of Oulu, 2016

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board supports the Faculty management in following topics:

Tiedekuntahallituksen tehtävänä on tukea tiedekunnan johtoa seuraavissa asioissa:

  • preparing and implementation of the Faculty action programme
  • preparing of the Faculty's long range plan for economy and HR-plans
  • follow-up of actions and operations at the Faculty
  • informing the staff and students concerning the Faculty matters

Board meetings

  • During Spring Semester 2020 there will be special arrangements for teh meetings due to Covid-19 pandemic.  

Board members 

Paula Rossi, Dean


1. Group - ordnary members


Sari Kunnari, Professor
Petteri Pietikäinen, Professor

Jussi Ylikoski, Professor (1st deputy)
Kari Alenius, Professor (2nd deputy)

2. Group - other staff


Leila Paavola-Ruotsalainen, Post- Doctoral Researcher
Satu Selkälä, University Lecturer

Heini Hakosalo, University Researcher (1st deputy)
Marjatta Jomppanen, University Lecturer (2nd deputy)

3. Group - students


Emma Hulkkonen
Salla Napari

Miriam Putula (deputy)

4. External members 


Juhani Kostet, director (retired), Museovirasto


Dean of Education Harri Mantila has the right to be present and speak in the meetings. 

Last updated: 7.5.2020