Museum Studies

The aim of the Museum Studies study package is to provide the students with information on the prospects of museum studies (museology). The teaching focuses on both theoretical and practical museology. The studies are composed of lectures, book exams, practical training and courses related to museum work. 

The programme studies museums, their functions as well as their sociocultural relations. It examines the past and describes and clarifies the processes of preserving, researching and communicating as part of human activity.

Studies in museology aim to provide the students with a view of museum work and its goals as well as the history and presence of the museum as an institution as well as the practical operation of museums. The Basic Level Museum Studies study package (25 ECTS credits) is commonly a prerequisite for jobs in museums. Therefore the Museum Studies programme enhances the student's prospects of employment.

Museum Studies is also beneficial for professions which deal with old artefacts and cultural work as well as for professions in the commercial antique business.

Study guidance is provided by Janne Ikäheimo, University Lecturer of Archaeology. Tel: +358 29 448 3345,

Last updated: 2.10.2019