Finnish as a Second and Foreign Language

The Finnish as a Second and Foreign Language programme offers a Basic Level study package (25 ECTS credits) as well as an Intermediate Level study package (35 ECTS credits). The studies are aimed at students who are interested in teaching Finnish as a second language in Finland or as a foreign language abroad. The programme familiarizes the students with Finnish as a foreign language as well as gives the students the qualifications to teach the subject in schools. The subject examines Finland as a multicultural country and Finnish study materials, and also acquaints the students with characteristics of learner language and assessment of language proficiency as well as with teaching in practise.

Students taking Finnish as a Second and Foreign Language as a subsidiary subject typically have little trouble finding employment teaching Finnish to foreigners. The demand for S2 teaching has been constantly growing in Finland, and also in northern Finland as well. In addition, Finnish is taught approximately in 100 universities abroad. Taking the programme as a subsidiary subject offers students of Finnish Language an alternative in addition to a career teaching Finnish literature and Finnish as a mother tongue.

Study guidance is provided by Lecturer Sisko Brunni, tel. +358 29 448 3472, sisko.brunni(a)

Last updated: 2.10.2019