Art History

Art History is the history of images (visual arts) and architecture (the art of construction). Considering eras, Art History is interested in history from prehistory to modern times, and geographically the interest is, besides Europe, often on cultures outside of Europe.

As a discipline Art History of course also studies pictures and architecture from perspectives other than just historical. Research in the field has recently begun to pay more and more attention to questions concerning the examination and the observer of the picture or work of architecture.

Despite its name, Art History also focuses on contemporary art. But Art History cannot be studied without an understanding of the ancient myths of Classical Antiquity and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Art History adds to our knowledge of our European roots, by considering the Western and Eastern traditions. Therefore, Art History also has an important educational significance.

At the University of Oulu, Art History can only be studied as a subsidiary (minor) subject, covering 60 ECTS credits. Art History is a beneficial subsidiary subject for students of various subjects in the Faculty of Humanities (subjects such as History, Literature, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, languages etc.).Students from other faculties are also often interested in completing the Basic studies (25 ECTS credits).

Study guidance is provided by the University Lecturer Jorma Mikola, tel. +358 29 448 3334, jorma.mikola(a)

Last updated: 2.10.2019