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Academic Affairs Local Service team for FHum

Academic Affairs Local Service team for FHum is responsible for all study related questions and advising in the field of humanities

location: Service Point can be found from the map in "Koulutuksen lähipalvelupiste" Opintokatu  KE1020 (see Campus map)

open: Monday-Friday 10-14.

e-mail: study.humanities(at)

internal address: KOMPASSI 1

mailing address: Faculty of Humanities/Study Affairs, P.O.B  8100, 90014 University of Oulu

Services and their location:

  • general student affairs served by secretaries will be found from Opintokatu KE1020.

  • offices of the education designers can be found from the 2nd floor in Opintokatu. Follow the guides when visiting the service point. Services:

    • support for study programmes

    • services for students, e.g. study counselling, advising in internships in Finland, internships abroad and student exchange



Secretary, Academic Affairs

Marja Uusimaa, tel. +358 294 48 3221

  • Student Services at the Faculty of Humanities
  • Giellagas Institute

Secretary, Academic Affairs

Helena Karjalainen, tel. +358 294 48 3400

  • English, German and Nordic Philologies, French Language
  • Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Studies in the Humanities

Secretary, Academic Affairs

Kaisa Kosola, tel. +358 294 48 3385

  • Finnish, Information Studies and Logopedics
  • Archaeology, Museum Studies
  • Master's Degree Programme in Science Communication (TIEMA)

Secretary, Academic Affairs

Päivi Kynkäänniemi, tel. +358 294 48 3313

  • History, Art History, Cultural Studies

Education Designer, Academic Affairs

Lic.Phil. Maija Airio, tel. +358 294 3233, office KE 232-2

Education Designer, Academic Affairs

M.A Ulla Alanko, tel. +358 294 487 450 , office KE218

Education Designer, Academic Affairs

M.Ed Elina Halonen, tel. +358 294 48 7576, office KE222

Lead Specialist, Academic Affairs

M.A Oili Sievola, tel. +358 294 48 3428, office KE1031


Last updated: 12.2.2019