At the Faculty of Humanities, research is carried out in all represented disciplines. Research is focused on people, their activities and interactions – in different environments, at different times. In its research activities, the Faculty follows the Strategy of the University of Oulu as well as the Faculty’s own strategic research plan.

Research is one of the main tasks of all members of the Faculty. The Faculty continuously hosts a number of projects carried out by individual researchers and research groups and communities. Moreover, researchers at the Faculty collaborate across disciplines at the University of Oulu and also otherwise locally, nationally and internationally.

Many of the research communities at the Faculty are part of the Eudaimonia Research Center in human sciences. The research communities were initially invited to the centre on the basis of their success in the Research Assessment Exercise, RAE2013.

Researchers preparing their doctoral theses at the Faculty of Humanities are members of the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS).


Last updated: 12.8.2015