Appointments of Deans

The Rector appoints a Dean and a Dean of Education from among members of staff who have expressed their availability for the position after hearing the Faculty.

The Dean of Education also acts as Vice Dean. The term of office for Deans is four years. Only persons who have the education, expertise and managerial skills required in the position may be appointed a Dean or a Dean of Education.

The Rector may relieve a Dean or a Dean of Education of their duties if, taken the nature of the position into consideration, there are sufficient grounds for doing so.

Duties of Dean and Dean of Education

The Dean

  • manages the strategic and operational plans and activities of the Faculty;
  • is accountable for the profitability of the activities and the finances of the Faculty to the Rector;
  • is accountable for the implementation of the strategic plan for action to the Faculty Council;
  • acts as Chair in the Faculty Council;
  • appoints presenting officials to be heard in Faculty Council meetings in matters that are detailed here and in matters that relate to research;
  • appoints the Education Committee of the Faculty;
  • negotiates performance targets regularly with the Rector and
  • decides about matters concerning the Faculty that have not been assigned to any other body of the institution.

The Dean may refer matters that, according to the University regulations, lie within the Dean’s power of decision to another body or representative of the institution.

The Dean of Education

  • is accountable for education and its profitability in the Faculty;
  • acts as presenting official in Faculty Council meetings in matters concerning education in the Faculty and
  • carries out other duties, as defined in the University rules of procedure for education.

Deans of the Faculty 

Professor Paula Rossi, tel. +358 294 48 3403

Dean Paula Rossi is Professor in Swedish Language. She is in charge of the strategic plan and the activities of the Faculty. She answers for the resources, finances and profitability of activities in the Faculty to the Rector of the University.

Dean of Education
Professor Harri Mantila, tel. +358 294 48 3471

Dean of Education Harri Mantila is Professor in Finnish Language. He is in charge of the implementation of the plan for action concerning education as well as of the development and self-assessment of education in the Faculty together with Degree Programme Committees. He acts as Head of the Education Committee at the Faculty.



Last updated: 22.6.2020