According to section 89 of the Universities Act (558/2009), a university may by application grant the title of docent to a person who has

  • comprehensive knowledge of their own field
  • a capacity for independent research or artistic work as demonstrated by publications or some other manner
  • good teaching skills.

Adhering to the recruitment guidelines and recruitment competence of the University, the Rector may grant the title of docent at the proposal of the Dean of the faculty to a person who meets the title's requirements of the Universities Act and in whose field a need exists in the faculty.

When making proposals for title of docent, the University's needs for internationalisation should be taken into consideration and an attempt should also be made to engage international researchers and teachers to the University. Consistent criteria are adhered to at the University when granting the title of docent.

The prerequisite for granting the title of docent is that the applicant

  • has, in addition to their doctoral thesis, published scientific/artistic research which expands their field of study and corresponds to at least one other dissertation having good scientific/artistic significance, quality and quantity
  • is also expected to show that they have created an independent career as a researcher or their own research profile, and are doing active research.

The unit/faculty defines the field of the docentship.

The application form, in which one can see the field of the docentship being applied for should be sent to the following address:

Faculty of Humanities
P.O. Box 1000
90014 University of Oulu

Before sending the application, you should contact first the professor responsible for the discipline you are applying the docentship for. The professor decides if the docentship is necessary for the discipline.

Last updated: 22.6.2020