Man, well-being and environment

Under this theme research focus is on human-environment relationship and well-being, especially in the context of northern Finland. Utilisation of nature and human-animal relationship are part of research on environmental studies. For instance, the ERC Starting Grant “Domestication in Action” hosted by the Faculty focuses on investigating the processes of reindeer domestication. Research on human well-being carried out at the Faculty covers wide range of research starting from mental health and medical history to food culture and health literacy.

Meet the Researchers
19.2.2018 Researcher

Heini Hakosalo

27.2.2018 Researcher

Maija-Leena Huotari

14.12.2017 Researcher

Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen

4.6.2018 Researcher

Ritva Kylli

27.11.2017 Researcher

Élise Lépy

27.3.2019 Researcher

Mikko Myllykangas

14.2.2018 Researcher

Petteri Pietikäinen

10.12.2018 Researcher

Esa Ruuskanen

11.9.2017 Researcher

Anna-Kaisa Salmi