ARTIC-econcrete project

ARCTIC-ecocrete - Eco-efficient concreting for arctic region

The challenge:

Construction industry in the North has to endure long distances and harsh and cold climate. The lowest temperatures for economically feasible concrete works are set at around -10°C (but typically world-wide 5°C is defined as a limit for winter concreting). Works at lower temperatures are also possible but it requires significant amount of additional treatments and equipment to be used which increases the price and also risk substantially.  Main challenge is that all of current winter concreting techniques are very energy consuming and they lead to high emissions of CO2.


Solution and objectives:

In this project we develop environmental-friendly binder recipes and casting technologies targeting to subzero casting. The main goal of the project is to improve the sustainability of the arctic concreting and to develop innovative solutions to improve economic growth in the Northern area. Main aims of the project are

  • To develop novel environmentally friendly concrete mixtures utilizing local industrial waste materials for winter concrete works, as well as novel production technology for winter concreting
  • To enable concrete works below 5 °C and in extreme cases temperatures below -25 °C with long transportation distance from concrete plant to casting site reaching up to 100 km
  • Strengthen cross boarder cooperation, mobility possibilities and utilization of complementing competence within the construction industry through involvement of key industry players
  • Enhance innovation and improve competitiveness of cement and concrete industry
  • Reduce costs and energy consumption associated with building and maintenance of large infrastructure developments in arctic and sub-arctic regions
  • To create recommendation and guidelines for design and execution of concrete work in winter using developed in this project materials and production technologies.


Project duration:

1st August 2018 - 31st July 2021


Funded by:

  • Interreg Nord  
  • Regional Council of Lapland


In media / publications:





  • Temperature Measurements in a Concrete Mixing Truck (Sintef): VIDEO 
  • Cold weather concrete: VIDEO


Project scientists:



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