Research & Publications

Water resources and environmental engineering research group carry out high quality research focusing on water and soil environmental engineering topics.

We have lead and participated on several EU, Academy of Finland, Regional EU fund and foundation funded projects.


Examples of our resent research activities

Climate-induced warming imposes a threat to North European spring ecosystems

Long-term water temperature trends in 66 northern European cold-water springs were analysed together with bryophyte and macroinvertebrate species data. An increase in spring water temperature by several degrees will likely have substantial biodiversity impacts.

View our Global Change Biology paper on this research


Fully integrated surface-subsurface flow modelling of groundwater-lake interaction in an esker aquifer: Model verification with stable isotopes and airborne thermal imaging

Study estimated the magnitude, temporal variability and spatial distribution of water fluxes at the GW–SW interface using a fully integrated hydrological modelling code (HydroGeoSphere). The model domain comprised a hydrologically complex esker aquifer in Northern Finland with interconnected lakes, streams and wetlands.

View our Journal of Hydrology paper on this research


Development of a new index to assess river regime impacts after dam construction

Analysing the impacts of dam construction on river flow regimes and developing of new method to evaluate the effects on river flow.