Treatment wetlands

Background: Wetlands are generally well-suited for the purification or polishing of wastewaters as they retard the flow of water and provide a large filtration network with many adsorptive surfaces on soil particles and opportunity for uptake by plants and microorganisms. Good retention of toxic metals, suspended solid, phosphorous and nitrogen compounds are mostly reported.

Issue: seasonal variations can occur with decrease purification efficiency reported under cold climate conditions.

Obejective and methods: The research proposed under the Min-North project aims to clarify the effect of cold climate (low temperatures and freeze and thaw cycles) on wetland retention processes via field measurements (e. g. water sampling and analysis, ground water level, ground frost level, nitrogen gas emissions, and snow cover) and pilot scale experiments. 


Heini Postila
Researcher, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Elisangela Heiderscheidt,
Researcher, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

Last updated: 28.2.2020