Value co-creation in technological B2B services

Projektin kesto: 
9.2011 - 6.2016
Academy of Finland
Rahoituksen määrä: 
EUR 290 000
Projektin kuvaus: 
The project, funded by the Academy of Finland, studies the promising and current field of research, namely value co-creation in technological B2B services. The rapid development of information technology is one of the main forces changing the current business environment. The objective of this research project is to boost the research on co-creating value through collaboration within business networks in the context of technological B2B services. The research phenomenon is divided into three interrelated themes: 1) value co-creation, 2) technological B2B services and 3) business models. Exploring value co-creation, customer perceived value, and existing and potential business models, is a key to acquiring better understanding of how firms can utilize the opportunities provided by new technological services and how to successfully cooperate within this emerging business field. Research is highly beneficial for marketing research and is also practically valuable, i.e. from the perspective of Finnish companies
Professor Wesley Johnston, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, Professor Louise Young, University of Western Sydney.
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Scientific articles in refereed international journals.
Postdoctoral Researcher Hanna Komulainen (

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