DHR- Digital Health Revolution

Projektin kesto: 
8.2014 - 1.2016
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES)
Rahoituksen määrä: 
376 615 EUR
Projektin kuvaus: 
The utilization of all personal health data for the benefit of citizens’ health, wellbeing and the prevention of illnesses is a worldwide trend, and Finland is one of the forerunners in this process. The vision of the multi-disciplinary program Digital Health Revolution is to enable the utilization of data about the individual as part of personal, preventive services, which in turn will improve citizens’ opportunities for self-management of one’s wellbeing. The program is built on the idea that an individual can control and make use of his or her personal data. The program aims to combine data from different sources, including genome data, health and wellbeing monitoring data and everyday behavioral data comprising the personal digital footprint in a systematic way. The personal health data will be processed for the benefit of both the individual and the society by creating digital service solutions. Pilots will be launched to create user-oriented, preventive service solutions. Fundamental change of attitudes is needed to fully exploit the digital health information. The building of mydata.fi community addresses this challenge, and at the same time enables the development of new business and new service solutions in accordance with ethical and legal regulations. In a long run, the outcomes of the project will facilitate the integration of personal data and personal my data based services into the future public health care service concepts.
Multidisciplinary research and expert consortium including University of Oulu, coordinator CHT, Unversity of Helsinki and Lapland, Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology, Technical Research Center of Finland and National Consumer Research Center. Research team members at OBS: Professor Timo Koivumäki, Senior Research Fellow Saara Pekkarinen, University Lecturer Saila Saraniemi, Researcher/Doctoral Candidate Minna Lappi, and Eija-Liisa Heikka.
Projektin tulokset: 
New start-up business, conference papers and scientific articles in refereed international journals.
Professor Timo Koivumäki (timo.koivumaki@oulu.fi), Project Manager Saara Pekkarinen (saara.pekkarinen@oulu.fi)

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