724821A Exercising Entrepreneurship

ECTS credits: 5

Language of instruction: English

Timing: Period 2 and 4

Learning outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the students create competencies in an entrepreneurship context. They can recognize, understand and plan how to grasp business opportunities and solve business problems, and evaluate possible solutions. The students can improve their entrepreneurial, business environment analysis and business planning skills, as well as problem solving, communicating and presentation capabilities. They learn to carry out individual assignments, share the work and results and deal with feedback.

Contents: The students work alone and in small groups to learn both general approaches and specific means of entrepreneurship, such as business analysis, planning and business model evaluation processes, lean and agile entrepreneurship methods, market and customer management, branding and basic financial and other resources management. They get also used to gather and analyze relevant data, present and justify ideas and plans, and respond to external and internal feedback.

Mode of delivery: Delivered as a facilitated electronic course. Individual and group work, guidance

Learning activities and teaching methods: Includes both group and individual assessment methods

Target group: University students

Pre-requisites and co-requisites: No

Recommended optional programme components: No

Required reading: Selected readings are provided during the course

Grading: The course utilizes a grading scale “pass/fail”

Persons responsible: Elina Hyrkäs and Anne Keränen

Other information: Oulu Business School students can replace either the 724100P Practical training or the 724102A Company Project by completing the 724821A Exercising Entrepreneurship course.

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