724815P Entrepreneurial Assignment

ECTS credits: 5 ECTS credits

Language of instruction: English

Timing: Free. The schedule for the course is agreed on the individual basis.

Learning outcomes: Upon completion of the course the students are familiarized with entrepreneurial activity in society and possess skills that help to solve entrepreneurial problems and make a change. Students will have an insight into the diversity of entrepreneurship and gain an understanding of the specific aspects of entrepreneurship.

Contents: Studies are individually tailored upon acceptance by the course instructor. Students compile the course through participating in different entrepreneurship supporting activities. The students can, for example, participate in Business Kitchen and Tellus Innovation Arena boot camps, events or volunteering program. In addition, students can include activities organized by other stakeholders (e.g. faculties, public organizations or third sector organizations). In addition, the students reflect their learning in a report. 

Mode of delivery: Face-to-face

Learning activities and teaching methods: Individual and group work (132h). Teaching methods vary depending on the entrepreneurial project, event, workshop, etc. a student has participated in.

Target group: University students

Prerequisites and co-requisites: Student should have completed 724813P Entrepreneurship in Action -course before taking this course.

Recommended optional programme components: The course does not require additional studies carried out at the same time.

Recommended or required reading: Reading materials are agreed individually with the responsible person.

Assessment methods and criteria: Assessment is based on an individual report that a student is expected to deliver after participating in an entrepreneurship-related event, workshop, project, etc.

Grading: The course utilizes verbal grading scale “pass/fail”.

Person responsible: Sari Perätalo

Working life cooperation: The course allows the students to gain first-hand entrepreneurial experience in various forms.

Other information: No

Register via contacting the responsible teacher.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 28.10.2019