PREP21 Research project's data collection is on the go

PREP21 Research project has started a data collection within all three partner universities. During the autumn we conducted surveys to explore first year teacher education students’ strategic learning and group working skills and their beliefs and attitudes towards ICT in studying and teaching. Students were actively involved and filled in questionnaires as it was hoped for.

Next we will start analyzing the questionnaires in order to find out what kinds of learners teacher education students are, what motivates them, how they react to group learning and how experienced and willing they are towards ICT use in studying and teaching.

At the same time we have started to plan process-oriented data collection, which will be conducted during spring 2015. The aim is to design collaborative learning situations together with science and mathematics teachers. Video observation will be used as a method to explore how students are learning together: how challenging group situations activate collaborative problem solving and socially shared regulation of learning.

At 17th and 18th of February PREP21 team will meet in Helsinki to share the first results from the first data collections. Soon we are able to provide interesting new publications.


PREP21, Preparing teacher education students for 21st century learning practices

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