PhD student Héctor Javier Pijeira Díaz has joined the LET-team

On April 1st Héctor Javier Pijeira Díaz joined the LET team aiming for a double PhD degree between the University of Oulu and the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands. Born in Cuba, Héctor started his studies in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering in Havana’s Polytechnic University. After having moved to Spain, he enrolled in University Carlos III of Madrid’s Long Cycle Degree in Telecommunications Engineering where he graduated last February. In his Master’s thesis entitled “Learning Analytics visualizations of student-activity time distribution for the Open edX platform”, Héctor implemented six visualizations as a contribution to the learning analytics support of that popular MOOC provider. Using log data generated by students’ interaction with the virtual courses, the visualizations focused on the time students spent on video watching and problem solving. It aims to be a tool for facilitating self-awareness and reflection in learners as well as data-driven decision-making by teachers. As part of his thesis, Héctor collaborated in the paper “Towards the development of a learning analytics extension in Open edX”, presented in the Second International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality held in Salamanca, Spain. Now Héctor is making Finland his home for the coming years as part of the SLAM project.


Viimeksi päivitetty: 15.4.2015