LET is welcoming research visitors from the US and Canada

In the following week(s), the LET team will be priviledged to have three research visitors, PhD students Aishah Bakhtiar (University of Victoria, Canada), Kayley Lyons and Nikki Lobczowski (University of North Carolina).

Aishah Bakhtiar from the University of Victoria, Canada, is visiting the LET team for the first two weeks of September. Her current PhD research extends her interest in academic motivation; her doctoral research examines learners’ regulation of motivation and emotions in the context of collaborative learning. PhD students Kayley Lyons and Nikki Lobczowski from the University of North Caroline are visiting us at the end of the first week of September. Kayley Lyons is an Education PhD Student in the Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies at University of North Carolina, School of Education. Her research interests are design-based research, student motivation and regulation and collaborative project-based learning. Nikki Lobczowski is currently in the Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies program at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  She previously taught eight years of secondary mathematics.  Her research interests are socially shared regulation of learning and computer supported collaborative learning.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 5.9.2017