A PhD candidate in the LET team Héctor J. Pijeira Díaz's defense

A PhD candidate in the LET team, Héctor J. Pijeira Díaz, will have the public defense of his doctoral thesis on May 3rd, 2019. Prof. Timo Tobias Ley (Tallinn University) will act as opponent, and the LET professor, Sanna Järvelä, will act as custos (i.e., the academic authority overseeing the public defense).

The event will take place in the OP auditorium (L10) of the University of Oulu, at noon (Finnish time, EEST). A livestream will be available in the following link oulu.zoom.us/j/560405892 .

Héctor’s thesis is entitled “Electrodermal Activity and Sympathetic Arousal during Collaborative Learning”. The thesis was supervised Prof. Sanna Järvelä (University of Oulu), Prof. Paul A. Kirschner (Open University Heerlen, Netherlands), and Prof. Hendrik Drachsler (Goethe University Frankfurt). Professor Petri Nokelainen (Tampere University of Technology) and Assoc. Prof. Daniel Spikol (Mälmo University) served as reviewers for the dissertation. The thesis can be found on https://t.co/JjOEnA2sRs.

Coffee/tea and strawberry cake will be served after the defense. Welcome!

Viimeksi päivitetty: 23.4.2019