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15.4.2015 News

PhD student Héctor Javier Pijeira Díaz has joined the LET-team

On April 1st Héctor Javier Pijeira Díaz joined the LET team aiming for a double PhD degree between the University of Oulu and the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands.

1.4.2015 News

This year's LET Master's Degree programme's student selection process has advanced to the 2nd phase

The student selection process for LET Master’s Degree Programme has advanced to the 2nd phase, where we have now selected the candidates for the interviews.

1.4.2015 News

PhD student Arttu Mykkänen's article "Finnish students’ reasons for their achievement in classroom activities: focus on features that support self-regulated learning" published!

PhD student Arttu Mykkänen's article "Finnish students’ reasons for their achievement in classroom activities: focus on features that support self-regulated learning"

5.3.2015 News

PhD student Heikki Kontturi received funding from Finnish Cultural Foundation

Finnish Cultural Foundation has granted PhD student, elementary school teacher Heikki Kontturi a personal research funding for finalizing his doctoral thesis.

5.3.2015 News

Are you interested in applying Marie Curie?

Prof. Sanna Järvelä at the Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) in Oulu University, Finland and Prof.

16.2.2015 News

PREP21 Research project's data collection is on the go

PREP21 Research project has started a data collection within all three partner universities.

23.1.2015 News

M. Ed. Piia Näykki's defense on 19th of December

M. Ed. Piia Näykki successfully defended her doctoral dissertation "Effective and affective collaborative learning - Process-oriented design studies in a teacher education context"

7.1.2015 News

New special issue in FLR

New special issue in FLR

10.11.2014 News

LET-tiimiin haetaan uutta tohtorikoulutettavaa!

Tohtorikoulutettava, Oppimisen ja Koulutusteknologian tutkimusyksikkö (LET)

17.10.2014 News

The LET -team presenting their research at Kasvatustieteen päivät 2014

  Symposiums, theme groups, lectures and pre-seminars Paper presentations:

15.10.2014 News

Dr. Hannie Gijlers visited the LET!

Dr. Hannie Gijlers, University of Twente, Netherlands visited the LET at the beginning of October to collaborate and start a new research project.

11.9.2014 News

The LET goes to Kasvatustieteen päivät 2014!

LET members are presenting in the following sessions in Kasvatustieteen päivät 2014:  

10.9.2014 News

Call for proposals in Kasvatustieteen päivät!

Among many other interesting theme groups, people from the LET team are participating in organizing two theme groups for the conference Kasvatustieteen päivät 2014!

10.9.2014 News

ECER2014 awarded PREP21 research project’s poster

EERA Poster Jury awarded PREP21 research project’s poster as one of the three best posters at 4th of September, 2014 in Porto Portugal.

22.8.2014 News

New special issue published

16.6.2014 News

SLAM project got the funding from the Finnish Academy

Finnish Academy research project funding to the LET:“Strategic regulation of learning through Learning Analytics and Mobile clouds for Individual and collaborative learning success (600 000 Euros)”

14.5.2014 News

Dr. Julia Klug will be visiting the LET on week 21

Visiting scholar Julia Klug from Vienna University will be with the LET team (19-22/05).

14.5.2014 News

Twitterfeed test (Jari kokeilee)

Hello! Twitterfeed test. Let's integrate www and twitter ;)

14.5.2014 News

Professor Peggy A. Ertmer's visit on week 21

Visiting professor Peggy A. Ertmer from Purdue University will be visiting the LET and has a lecture about her research area:

2.4.2014 News

Visitors in the LET

Nacho Montero, Dr., Associate Professor from the Autonomous University of Madrid (week 13)

18.2.2014 News

LET etsii puolipäiväistä tutkimusapulaista

Kasvatustieteiden tiedekunnassa toimiva Oppimisen ja Koulutusteknologian tutkimusyksikkö (LET) etsii puolipäiväistä tutkimusapulaista avustamaan Suomen Akatemian rahoittamaa oppimisen strategisiin

29.1.2014 News

LET was succesful in RAE evaluation

LET Research Unit was successful in the Oulu University RAE 2014 evaluation (Research Assessment Exercise).

24.1.2014 News

Learning, Education and Technology Master’s Degree Programme has two new Alumni Ambassadors

We are pleased to announce that our international Master´s Degree Programme Learning, Education and Technology has received two new Alumni Ambassadors.