Introduction to learning and educational technology, autumn 2015

“The course was very well planned and designed. The lectures were interesting and the activities done in pairs/groups helped and increased learning and, at the same time, kept the lectures interesting and not too long and boring.”

“It was a chain of logical components connected to each other that caused my clear vision of the subject. I have already possessed the theory of learning but this course helped me to arrange everything in its places and to construct all the theory in the right way. And now I know how to use it in practice.

“I have learned that it quite possible to cope with some learning obstacles using appropriate technological tools. Not that I didn't have such an idea before, but this course showed me some exact strategies”

“I also enjoyed our ICT workshops a lot since they were practically-oriented. I think all the workshops were useful.”

- Student feedbacks, autumn 2012

Code 418019P
ECTS credits 5
Language of instruction English/Finnish
Timing Autumn term, 1st year studies in the LET Master’s Programme
Learning outcomes

After completion of this course, the student knows how to

  • describe the basic concepts of learning sciences and educational technology
  • name some of the major research topics in the field of learning sciences and technology enhanced learning
  • Identify and discuss contemporary issues in educational technology in global and local educational contexts.
  • use contemporary educational software and hardware, and also evaluate their pedagogical usability
  • create a digital portfolio in the form of a personal journal in a weblog
  • Basic concepts of instruction, learning and technology enhanced learning
  • Introduction to the field of learning sciences and technology enhanced learning: objectives, research subjects and the theoretical framework
  • Reflection on one’s own learning and expertise
  • Pedagogical use of contemporary educational software and hardware
Mode of delivery Face-to-face and online
Learning activities and teaching methods

Face-to Face 50h
Collaborative and individual learning 80 h

In this course the students familiarise themselves with the theoretical background, core concepts, and contemporary tools of educational technology. The course introduces the students to the field of learning sciences and examines the role of learning and educational technology in a globalised world. One central goal of this course is to learn to use and evaluate technologies in a pedagogically meaningful way. In this course students start to reflect on their own learning and expertise in a digital portfolio.

Target group 1st year students on the LET Master’s Programme
Educational Technology minor students
Other students (as a part of their optional studies)
Recommended or required reading
Course materials To be published during the course
Assessment methods and criteria Active participation in face-to-face teaching and collaborative and independent work. Successful completion of all the learning assignments and exercises.
Grading 0-5
Person responsible Venla Vuorjoki


Last updated: 27.8.2015