Designing technology-enhanced learning (TEL1), spring 2015

“The whole course was very useful and incredibly interesting! The whole implementation of the course support the the best assimilation of the material and getting a lot of theoretical and practical experience! I am going to be a teacher! That is why pedagogy plus technology make the full package of knowledge for me :)”
- Student feedback, spring 2013

Code 418021P
ECTS credits 7
Language of instruction English/Finnish
Timing Spring term, 1st year studies in the LET Master’s Degree Programme
Learning outcomes After completion of this course, the student knows how to
  • describe the theoretical background and main stages of designing technology-enhanced learning (TEL)
  • design a TEL course
  • justify and evaluate instructional and technological design
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) as a concept
  • Designing TEL: instructional and technological design
  • Structuring individual and collaborative learning activities
  • Implementing and evaluating TEL
Mode of delivery Face-to-face and online
Learning activities and teaching methods

Face-to-face / online 32h
Collaborative and individual learning 150h

Students become familiar with the key concepts, theories and approaches of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) and implement this knowledge by designing their own course in small groups. Students reflect and report on the different stages of the design process in a digital portfolio.

Target group 1st year students on the LET Master’s Programme
Educational Technology minor students
Other students
Recommended or required reading Contemporary readings in the field of technology-enhanced learning, to be announced at the beginning of the course
Course materials To be published during the course
Assessment methods and criteria Active participation in face-to-face teaching and collaborative and independent work. Successful completion of all the learning assignments and exercises.
Grading 0-5
Person responsible Venla Vuorjoki
Other information The students in the Master’s Degree Programme in Education and Globalization (EdGlo) join the same face-to-face sessions in their own 5-credit course “Designing Technology-Enhanced Learning”


Last updated: 27.8.2015