Quantitative methodology, 2015-2016

Code 408517S-01
ECTS Credits 5
Language of instruction



Autumn term, 1st year studies in the LET Master’s Programme (Lectures)
Spring term, 1st year studies in the LET Master’s Programme (Exercises)

Learning outcomes

After completion of this course, the students are able to

  • process and analyse quantitative data
  • report on results based on quantitative research data
  • assess the reliability and validity of a quantitative study
  • apply the knowledge thus gained to his or her Master’s thesis
  • Basics of quantitative research
  • Significance of theory in quantitative research
  • Operationalization and related problems
  • Statistical deduction and statistical description, as well as making deductions from data to theory
  • Questions of reliability and validity in quantitative research
Mode of delivery face-to-face
Learning activities and teaching methods

Lectures in the autumn term and practical sessions in the spring term. Face-to-face 40 h, practical sessions and familiarizing oneself with the preliminary materials 70 h, collaborative and independent study 49 h.

Target group

1st  year students in the LET Master’s Programme

Reading materials To be announced at the beginning of the course
Assessment methods and criteria

Active participation in face-to-face, collaborative and independent work. Successful completion of all the learning assignments and exercises.

Grading 0-5
Person responsible Jouni Peltonen


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