LET was succesful in RAE evaluation

LET Research Unit was successful in the Oulu University RAE 2014 evaluation (Research Assessment Exercise). International panel of experts ranked LET as the 6th best research community within the university, receiving 5.5/6 in the highest vici category.

LET is described as an international top centre for innovative and cutting-edge research on self-regulated learning, socially shared regulation and technologically enhanced learning. Evaluation also acknowledges LET's outstanding national and international collaborations with world leading research groups in CSCL, SRL and TEL.
The Unit's societal and international impact and the great potential for scientific breakthroughs are also highlighted.

“The innovations from LET's research will have societal impact with new learning solutions and there is a great promise to explore problems in modern teaching, especially with the emerging use of distance learning and other technologically-mediated forms of instruction. Self-regulated learning and socially shared regulated learning in technologically enhanced learning environments are growing fast as dominant forms of lifelong learning, and the LET's research findings bear an important contribution to the improvement of these modes of learning. Lifelong learning is most important in our society and for the economy, innovation and growth.”

The RAE evaluation will be used as a strategical guidance for futher developing LET Unit's research agenda for the following years.

See the whole report: http://www.oulu.fi/external/RAE2013/RAE2014_final_reportV2.pdf

Last updated: 29.1.2014