My name is Ishmael Kweku Forson from Ghana. I hold a bachelor’s degree in B.Sc. Psychology and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Learning, Education and Technology(LET) at the University of Oulu-Finland.

The genesis of my intense interest in educational technology, an interest which crystallized into an aspiration and pursuit for a career in the field of Learning, Education and Technology (LET) started after I completed my bachelor’s degree and was doing a voluntary service for my nation at the College of Distance Education-University of Cape Coast, Ghana.  It had always been my desire to pursue a master’s programme that has a blend of technology and education since I already had a background in education. After several month of thorough search on the internet for schools abroad, I eventually came across Learning, Education and Technology as a masters programme in the University of Oulu, Finland. So, I decided to take critical look at the content of the programme and to my surprise I realized the programme had the exact content I have been searching for. Going through the content of the programme I found out that the programme rest on three main theoretical pillars; self-regulated learning, collaborative learning and technology-enhanced learning. These three pillars were very intriguing and eventually aroused my interest in getting to know more about it. It has always been my dream to become an expert in technology-enhanced learning and so the third pillar actually intensified my interest in the LET masters programme since it was in-line with my career path. My desire was to pursue further studies in the field of technology to be able to use the knowledge, skill and expertise gained to better improve the quality of education in my home country.

So far so good, I would say the programme (LET) is day by day driving me closer to my dream career. I have seen a massive improvement in my skill as far as technology is concerned. The three theoretical pillars have contributed positively to my knowledge and expertise in the field of educational technology. For example, my knowledge in self-regulated learning has provided me with the right strategies on how to regulate and plan my own learning. The second pillar which is collaborative learning has also exposed me to ways and manner in which I can successfully work in teams and groups. Finally, I can attest to the fact that, my skill in the use technological tools and emerging technologies has improved tremendously as compared to my own self-evaluation of my skill in the past.

Interestingly, one thing I like and really admire about Finland has to do with it aesthetic and environmental look with forest reserves at the heart of the city. It’s quite interesting to come across more trees in Finland than humans even at the heart of the city. I also I like the fact that during the winter season everywhere become whitish because of the snow. Above all there is one thing I really admire, that is the fact that there is high respect for pedestrian on the roadside. It is always interesting to see drivers giving priority to pedestrians on the road. For me, I think this is really awesome. Another thing is that the people over here are friendly and very welcoming. It makes one feel at home always. I can boldly say that I have never missed home ever since I came here because Finland itself is a home within home. Taking a bicycle ride is one of my new-found hobby here in Finland since the country has good bicycle path for riders. The fact that the country has good roads for both human and bicycle arouses my interest to take a ride at my leisure time just to admire the beauty of the environment. All in all, the LET programme has the propensity to shape and mould an individual into the kind of person he/she want to become, since its’ three pillars cut across all spheres of human life.

Last updated: 1.10.2020