Learning & Educational Technology Research Unit (LET)


Learning & Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) is committed to research in the learning sciences and technology-enhanced learning. The focus is on self-regulated learning, and especially the integration of theories on the social, cognitive and motivational processes of learning.

LET tackles the challenge that learning in and for the 21st century requires – beyond knowledge - motivational competence and effective learning strategies in individual and collaborative work in formal education and informal – work-based - learning settings. Managing one’s learning as well as that of the group in which one functions requires self-regulation skills that are both individual and shared.

Through experimental and design based research LET develops instructional strategies, computer supported collaborative learning methods and learning tools in multidisciplinary co-operation to facilitate and enhance individual and collaborative learning. In practice, LET is interested in enhancing both the process of learning (how one learns) as well its products (what one learns). LET aims to make learning and teaching more effective, efficient and enjoyable, make students more aware of their learning and help them better manage their learning through optimal use of learning technologies.


Last updated: 26.5.2020