”Art as a Weapon” - a guest lecture by Anders Sunna

Tiistai, syyskuu 6, 2016

Swedish Saami artist Anders Sunna (born 1985) has become known as an artist who takes a stand. In his art Sunna deals with conflicts that result, for example, from building power plants in reindeer management areas. Sunna’s works of art are provocative as well as political and they have brought up objections among the Saami communities. On the other hand, the strong imagery is a sign of the gravity of the issues. It is also a sign of a need to give a voice to the Saami peoples in order to maintain their cultures.

Anders Sunna is visiting Oulu by request of the cultural organisation Kulttuuribingo. Sunna is working on a mural, which will be displayed on the gable of the Kansan Tahto building at Mäkelininkatu 29. Anders Sunna has studied at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm).

The lecture, hosted by the Giellagas Institute, will take place on 6th September 2016 at 8.15, in lecture hall: HU210.

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