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Guest Lecturer Ass. Prof. Anne Heith

Keskiviikko, syyskuu 4, 2019

Guest Lecturer at the Giellagas Institute for Sámi studies

Ass. Prof. Anne Heith is visiting at the University of Oulu and she will give a public lecture on Wednesday September 4th at 14-16 o´clock in HUM330.

The title of her talk is “Indigenous Cosmovisions and Ontologies Reactivated in Con­temporary Literature: Sámi Literature and Place-Making”.

Ms. Heith is the Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the Department of Culture and Media Studies at the University of Umeå, Sweden.

The lecture reflects the forthcoming publication by Anne Heith, Experienced Geographies and Alter­native Realities: Representing Sápmi and Meänmaa. It will be one outcome of her on­going projects of Anne Heith: “Other Places in the Teaching of Literature: Sápmi, Meänmaa, and Migrant Cartographies”, funded by Umeå School of Education, Umeå University, and “Place-Making in Literature: Meänmaa in Contemporary Tornedlian Fiction”, funded by The Swedish Research Council.

The lecture is open for all audiences. It is part of the Sámi cultural studies in Giellagas Institute.

You are warmly welcome.

Veli-Pekka Lehtola

Giellagas Institute for Sámi Studies

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