Current studies

The MSc degree programme in water and environmental engineering includes studies in hydrology, water resources engineering, and water and wastewater treatment engineering. The international programme has an emphasis on water resources engineering.

The degree provides variety of skills needed to manage land and water resources.

Nearly all courses provided by the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Unit at master level are given in English but usually the students can choose either English or Finnish in which they write assignments and examinations. In the course list below, * indicate courses given only in Finnish.

Courses organized by the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Unit

488142A            Ympäristölainsäädäntö ja YVA/Environmental legislation and EIA, 5 ECTS*

488102A            Hydrologiset prosessit/Hydrological processes, 5 ECTS

488135S            Water distribution and sewage networks, 5 ECTS

488141S            Urban hydrology, 5 ECTS

488134S            Hydrogeology and groundwater engineering, 5 ECTS

488140S            Groundwater modelling and management, 5 ECTS

488110S            Water and wastewater treatment, 5 ECTS

488139S            Surface water quality modelling, 5 ECTS

488117S            Integrated water resources management, 5 ECTS

488122S            Statistical hydrology, 5 ECTS

488123S            River engineering and hydraulic structures, 5 ECTS

488138S            Cold climate hydrology, 5 ECTS

488143S            Environmental Impact Assessment, 5 ECTS

488127S            Field measurements, site investigations and geotechnical tests

488128S            Laboratory test in water resources engineering


Courses partly organised by the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Unit

488051A            AutoCAD ja Matlab prosessi- ja ympäristötekniikan työkaluna/AutoCAD and Matlab as a tools in process and environmental engineering, 5 ECTS*

477052A            Virtaustekniikka/Fluid mechanics, 5 ECTS*

Last updated: 6.11.2019