RESEM – REmote SEnsing supporting surveillance and operation of Mines


Flyer summarizing the project goals and results: RESEM flyer

RESEM-project aims to develop new opportunities to use remote sensing data from satellites and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) in mining safety and environmental monitoring. These remote sensing methods are a fast evolving technique enabling more precise, reliable and cost-efficient data collection. Satellites can be used e.g. to retrieve elevation data and unmanned air vehicles can gather thermal images to better understand the groundwater hydrology of a selected area. The processing of remote sensing data is demanding and for efficient use and development of these methods, experts from several fields are needed.

RESEM comprises of three partners:

  • University of Oulu from Finland
  • Norut (Northern Research Institute) from Tromsø, Norway
  • Technical university of Luleå from Sweden.

The project studies how remote sensing data could be utilized in mining construction, structural modelling or hydrological modelling and how the data could be used e.g. in mine dam monitoring. The project also strives to improve the safety and environmental issues by developing method where remote sensing together with land-based data could be used to serve the need for information during the entire life cycle of a mine.

The project promotes true interdisciplinary collaboration by bringing the experts from different fields regularly together from Norway, Sweden and Finland. The project is funded by Interreg Nord 2014-2020 programme. The project time is from 1.8.2015 to 30.6.2018.

The project consists of five work packages:

Work package 1 & 2: Project management and communications.

Work package 3: Status of mine environment monitoring

Work package 4: Remote sensing of mining structures and operation processes

Work package 5: Remote sensing in environmental protection and safety issues of mines

The project includes annual seminars for stakeholders.


Contact information:

Pekka Rossi
Project leader, Researcher (PhD)
University of Oulu
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Group
Email: pekka.rossi at
Phone: +358 294 48 4395

Last updated: 6.11.2019