Vesa-Pekka Herva


Research intrests

My research focuses on the north-eastern "edge" of Europe, East Fennoscandia in particular, from the Stone Age to the present day. I strive to understand not only northern cultures as such, but also more comprehensive phenomena and processes of the past from the viewpoint of the northern world. I’m especially interested in the material culture, world view and environmental relationship of people during the early modern and modern eras (ca. 1500– 2000 AD), but I also study a variety of issues ranging from the symbolic culture of the Neolithic Era to the significance of cultural heritage in modern society.

I’m particularly intrigued by "marginal" cultural phenomena, such as magical thinking, through which you can study modernisation in the early modern period – or the thinking and actions of people in general – from a slightly different viewpoint. Another important interest of mine is how material culture has moulded people’s thinking and behaviour at different times – for instance, how urban planning and architecture that were based on the ancient world changed the way people experienced and understood their world in the early modern era.

In my studies, I strive to utilise theoretical perspectives from different fields (such as archaeology, anthropology and the study of material culture) as well as cross-disciplinary approaches.


Active research projects

  • Understanding the Cultural Impacts and Issues of Lapland Mining: A Long-Term Perspective on Sustainable Mining Policies in the North. Academy of Finland reserch project, University of Oulu (2014–2018). Principal investigator V.-P. Herva.
  • Lapland’s Dark Heritage: Understanding the Cultural Legacy of Northern Finland’s WWII German Materialities within Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Academy of Finland reserch project, University of Helsinki (2014–2018). Principal investigator V.-P. Herva.
  • Collecting Sápmi: The Early Modern Globalization of Sámi Material Culture and the Cultural Heritage of the Sámi Today. Swedish Research Council (2014–2017), University of Uppsala, researcher, principal investigator.M. Nordin (Uppsala University).


Previous research projects

  • The Use of Materials and the Neolithisation of North-Eastern Europe (c. 6000–1000 BC). Academy of Finland research project, University of Oulu (2013–2017). Researcher, principal investigator J. Ikäheimo.
  • Copper, Material Culture and the Making of the World in Late Stone Age Finland and Russian Karelia. Helsingin yliopisto (2010–2012). Researcher, principal investigator J. Ikäheimo.
  • Material Culture and Human-Environment Relations in Early Modern Tornio. Academy of Finland, post-doctoral researcher’s project (2008–2010). Academy of Finland post-doctoral research project, principal investigator V.-P. Herva.
  • The Material Roots of Modernization in Northern Finland c. AD 1500–1800: An Archaeological Study of Urbanization and Consumption. University of Oulu research project (2004–2006), researcher, principal investigator J. Ikäheimo.



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