The body size, body shape and skeletal robusticity of Post-Pleistocene Europeans

Project description

This research focuses on morphological and biomechanical analyses of European skeletons. Research material consists of over 2000 skeletons sampled from throughout Europe and spanning the Late Paleolithic through 20th century. The primary focus is on body size and shape, reconstructed from various skeletal indicators (including anatomical reconstruction of stature), and long bone robusticity, determined from radiographic and external contour assessments of cross-sectional diaphyseal geometry. Topics to be considered include temporal and regional variation, sexual dimorphism, upper limb asymmetry, relationships between axial and appendicular structure and enthesis morphology and diaphyseal strength, and aging patterns and other demographic considerations. The results will have wide implications for our understanding of the most recent changes in body size, body shape and bone strength in modern humans.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu